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Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces across NSW

Mental health conditions like depression and anxiety are costing Australian businesses $12 billion each year through staff  absences, reduced work performance and productivity, increased staff turnover rates and associated recruitment and training costs, as well as compensation claims. With one in six Australian workers experiencing mental illness, workplaces can play an important role in maintaining

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Financial Hardship

There are a lot of people who are experiencing hardship, particularly with the lack of rising wages, increasing cost of living and a subtraction in the Australian economy and more broadly the global economy. It is common for people to experience financial hardship at various times and through different stages in life. Financial hardship can

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Suicide Prevention on
the Central Coast

In 1996 the Central Coast Suicide Safety Network (SSN) was established in partnership with the Central Coast Coroner, NSW Police, Lifeline Central Coast, Central Coast Local Health District (CCLHD) Health Promotion and CCLHD Mental Health Service. This partnership has gone from strength to strength harnessing support and joint working projects across the Central Coast community regarding suicide prevention initiatives.

Suicide Prevention Central Coast was formed in 2016 to develop a community response to suicide deaths on the Central Coast. The first successful initiative was to tender for funding from the Black Dog implement the LifeSpan project.

The purpose of Suicide Prevention Central Coast is to provide strategic direction and informed decision making on the ongoing collaborative development, implementation and local evaluation of the LifeSpan suicide prevention model across the Central Coast.

What is LifeSpan?

LifeSpan is an innovative, world-class approach to suicide prevention and is the new name for the Systems Approach to Suicide Prevention initially developed on behalf of the NSW Mental Health Commission by the National health and Medical research Council (NHMRC) Centre for Research Excellence in Suicide Prevention (CRESP) and Black Dog Institute.

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