Supporting Someone After Suicide

When someone dies by suicide, it can have a devastating effect on loved ones, family members, friends and others who knew the person. You might not know what to say or what to do when this happens. While everyone is different and will grieve in their own way, there are some things you can do and say to support someone you know who is bereaved by suicide.


The idea of talking to children about suicide is daunting.

There are resources that can help you with this.  They provide advice and insights into how to best talk to and support a child bereaved by suicide.

Counselling and support for kids

  • National Centre for Childhood Grief
    Free and unlimited grief counselling for bereaved children aged 3-18 years
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  • Feel The Magic
    Feel the Magic Empowering children to thrive from grief – Creating a safe place for grieving kids 7-17 years to grow.
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In Schools

When a suicide occurs in a school community it often happens unexpectedly and leaves a school with many questions about what to do next. Schools need clear, practical and reliable information which they can rely on for guidance and direction.

  • BeyondBlue Suicide Postvention Toolkit helps schools respond to suicide (this response is known as ‘suicide postvention’
  • The Be You toolkit is supported by nine Fact Sheets providing guidance on some of the key activities that occur after a suicide

Be You consultants can support schools as they care for the affected students, staff and families.

M: 0475 838 049   Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

The NSW Department of Education’s ‘Responding to Student Suicide Support Guidelines for Schools (2016)‘ supports students, school staff and the broader school community The guidelines supplement initiatives to support the mental health and wellbeing of school students in NSW and provide guidance for a planned and coordinated response which is essential to achieving the best outcomes for everybody.

School Link offers support and guidance to schools responding to a suicide in their school community.

Contact School-Link
Lisa Foster 0434 324 604 or 43941700 Central Coast North
Janice Simpson 0434 193 139 or 43047878 Central Coast South
Office hours 8:00am-4.30 pm Monday to Friday.

For more information on school link, click here.

For Managers & Co-workers

There are things you can do to support someone you work with who is bereaved by suicide. There are some that you should avoid.

Look After Yourself

Grief is a natural response to suicide. It’s important not to expect too much of yourself.  It’s also important to look after yourself and get support when you need it.

Connect With Others

There are groups and networks you can connect with online. 

What Happens Now

After someone dies by suicide, you may feel in turmoil. It’s important to remember you are not alone and to reach out for support.

Here are some resources to guide you in the coming days and weeks. 

You are not alone, reach out for support.