Supporting Someone After A Suicide Attempt

‘Having someone you care about attempt suicide can be incredibly traumatic. You may experience a range of emotions; confusion, anger, fear or sadness. There are resources to help you.

  • Guiding their way backIf you are supporting someone who has attempted suicide. This Beyond Blue resource provides information to help you to provide support to the person you care about. 
  • Finding our way back – A Beyond Blue resource specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people after a suicide attempt. It’s a starting point for working through some of the questions that can come up after a suicide attempt.
  • Supporting someone after a suicide attempt – Online information on the Suicide Call Back Service website.

In Schools

Responding to Suicide Attempts in Secondary Schools provides guidance on how to support the school community including the student at risk, staff and any other affected students.  

School Link offers support and guidance to schools responding to a suicide attempt in their school community.

Ph: 43047878 or M: 0414 193 139