Supporting Someone After A Suicide Attempt

‘Having someone you care about attempt suicide can be incredibly traumatic. You may experience a range of emotions; confusion, anger, fear or sadness. There are resources to help you.

  • Guiding their way backIf you are supporting someone who has attempted suicide. This Beyond Blue resource provides information to help you to provide support to the person you care about. 
  • Finding our way back – A Beyond Blue resource specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people after a suicide attempt. It’s a starting point for working through some of the questions that can come up after a suicide attempt.
  • Supporting someone after a suicide attempt – Online information on the Suicide Call Back Service website.

In Schools

Responding to Suicide Attempts in Secondary Schools provides guidance on how to support the school community including the student at risk, staff and any other affected students.  

School-Link is the link between the Central Coast Local Health District and the Educational settings of the Central Coast. Our primary focus is on early intervention by supporting school communities.

School-Link supports educational settings to recognise and respond appropriately to young people with emerging mental health problems and/or in a mental health crisis. School-Link strives to build strong connections with schools and support their ongoing practice through the following actions:

  • Providing mental health information and clinical guidance to promote understanding, strengthen collaborative practice, and improve access to appropriate supportive services.
  • Liaise with school staff via the School-Link consultation line.
  • Mental Health Literacy is addressed by providing information on a range of training/workshop activities for both teachers and students. Education is aimed at promoting mental health and well-being and decreasing stigma.

Contact School-Link
Lisa Foster 0434 324 604 or 43941700 Central Coast North
Janice Simpson 0434 193 139 or 43047878 Central Coast South
Office hours 8:00am-4.30 pm Monday to Friday.

The Way Back Support Service

The Primary Health Network (PHN) has commissioned Coast & Country Primary Care (CCPC) to deliver the Way Back Support Service aftercare program.

About the Program
The Way Back Support Service provides support and connection following a suicide attempt or suicidal crisis.

  • The structured aftercare program aims to:
  • Support the person in developing a safety plan.
  • Provide strategies to encourage the person to self-manage distress.
  • Improve links with clinical and community-based services.
  • Support the person in building social connections.

Who Provides the Support?
Support Coordinators work in partnership with Central Coast Mental Health Service staff to provide 12 weeks of support following discharge from the mental health service.
Where is the Support Provided?

Clients are usually seen at the CCPC Erina office or a place mutually suitable for the client and support coordinator. Support can also be via telehealth. Contact is usually twice a week.

Referral Pathway
Primary referrals are received directly from Central Coast Mental Health Service.

A suicide attempt or suicidal crisis.

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Coast & Country Primary Care
Clinical Suicide Prevention Service

The Clinical Suicide Prevention Service provides assertive care and support for clients at low to medium risk of suicide.

About the Program
The Clinical Suicide Prevention Service provides short-term (up to 4 weeks) assertive support for individuals who have recently attempted suicide or have persistent suicidal thoughts.

A clinician will work with the client for up to four weeks to develop a safety plan, build the capacity to manage distress and link the client with the most suitable clinical or psychosocial services.

Referral Pathway
Referrals must be submitted via the Central Intake & Referral e-portal called PRIMA and include the risk assessment.

Health professionals can refer clients at low to medium risk of suicide to the Clinical Suicide Prevention Service for assertive support who have recently attempted suicide or have persistent suicidal thoughts.

Individuals may be referred to the clinical suicide prevention service if they are at low to medium risk of suicide and:

  • Have continued suicidal ideation after discharge from acute services.
  • Present at a GP clinic after a suicide attempt.
  • Present to a GP with persistent suicidal ideation.

Clients are contacted to commence initial safety planning within 48 hours of the referral being received (Standard business days)

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