Lived Experience

Everyone’s lived experience is unique. Everyone’s lived experience is valuable. Everyone’s lived experience matters.

Roses in the Ocean defines lived experience of suicide as “having experienced suicidal thoughts, survived a suicide attempt, cared for someone through a suicidal crisis, and or been bereaved by suicide’

Lived experience is a critical element in the success of an integrated, multilevel, systems approach to suicide prevention. Valuing and working together is key to our work in suicide prevention on the Central Coast.

There is a range of ways people with lived experience of suicide can use their voices to contribute to suicide prevention.

Undertake training to develop specific skills in suicide prevention activities and your lived experience insights.

Roses in the Ocean

Our Voice in Action 

Voices of Insight 

Share your story

Why Lived Experience is crucial

How can I look after myself when using my lived experience insights? 

Connect with peers

Beyond Blue on-line forums

SANE on-line forums

Off the Wall- Alternatives to Suicide

CDC’s Suicide Prevention Resource for Action (Prevention Resource) details the strategies with the best available evidence to reduce suicide. The Prevention Resource can help states and communities prioritize suicide prevention activities most likely to have an impact. The programs, practices, and policies in the Prevention Resource can be tailored to the needs of populations and communities. Please find more information here.

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