Our Region

The NSW Central Coast.

Located between the urban centres of Sydney and Newcastle, the Central Coast region covers an area of 1,680 square kilometres and encompasses the Central Coast Local Government area.

The estimated resident population for June 2019 is 343,968 (4.25% of the NSW population) – an increase of 7,357 since the census in 2016.
Between 2016 and 2036 the CC LGA population was projected to increase by 79,306 people from 335,309 to 414,615 (23.65% growth over 20 years), however these figures do not account for the impact COVID-19 will have on population numbers.

The ABS estimates the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population of the Central Coast to be 15,371 (in 2016), which is 4.6% of the overall population of 336,611.

Comparatively large numbers of older people (70 plus years of age) live on the Central Coast (14.8% of the total population, compared to the NSW average of 11.1%). Between 2016 and 2036 number of people aged 70 to 84 years will increase by 54.5% (20,466 people) and those aged over 85 years will increase by 69.7% (7,072 people). The number of people aged 70 years and over will increase by 57.7% (27,538) by 2036.